God’s Dream for His People


2020: Envision

I bet you've heard it a lot in your life: You should go to church. Maybe you think of church and you think of your grandma who took you every Sunday. Maybe you think of church and you think of Easter Sunday. On February 7-8th, 2020, we are inviting you to see the church as a people, not just a place you go. We will take a step back and start with the ideal vision, the dream that God has for his people, the picture that we must see in eyes of faith before we can walk with endurance to the end. We want to see the Church that Jesus Christ loves, the Church that Jesus Christ died for, and the Church that Jesus Christ is saving for Himself. We want to paint a picture for you from Scripture that shows the Church as the Body, the Vine, the Temple, and the Bride. What do these holy metaphors teach us about the Church? How do we live them out? What do they say about our future as God's people? Join us at the GO Conference where we will think biblically, worship passionately, and go out faithfully as equipped members of our mission.


Our Desire

Our desire is for the GO Conference to be a two-day gathering of students from across the country who come together in order to be sent out. We seek to equip the people of God to GO to their neighbors and the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join hundreds of students for a conference that will inspire and equip you to GO!


 What to Expect


Engaging speakers that point you to the Bible and the Savior.


Dynamic music to lead you to worship God together through singing.


Helpful breakout sessions that are practical and specific to the issues you're facing in the world.


Food, art, and other elements that will make you think, help you connect with others, and encourage you to make much of Jesus.



Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
120 S. Wingate Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587

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