February 15-16, 2019

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2019: Identity

There are a lot of voices in our world telling us who we should be, what we should love, and what makes up our identity. We like to say things like “I’m a vegan,” “he’s so hipster,” “she’s transgender,” or even things like “I’m a pastor,” or “I’m a student.” If we are not careful, these descriptions of diet, dress, sexuality, and vocational choices can make their way into our hearts and we can start believing that these are the things that make us who we truly are. This year at the GO Conference we’re going to address the question of identity, answering some of the deepest aches of our soul: Who am I? What am I here for? What am I capable of? Who defines me? The main idea we hope to share during this weekend is that we cannot know ourselves until we know who God is as Trinity, Creator, Savior, and Lord. As we look to God, our own identity becomes clearer in light of his grace: we are His. We hope you will join us on this journey at the 2019 GO Conference.



What to Expect


Engaging speakers that point you to the Bible and the Savior.


Dynamic music to lead you to worship God together through singing.


Helpful breakout sessions that are practical and specific to the issues you're facing in the world.


Food, art, and other elements that will make you think, help you connect with others, and encourage you to make much of Jesus.


The GO Conference is a two-day gathering of students across the country who come together in order to be sent out. This conference seeks to equip the people of God to GO to their neighbors and the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join hundreds of students from around the country for a conference that will inspire and equip you to GO!



Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
120 S. Wingate Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587

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Discover your identity.
GO change the world.



The GO Conference began at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2015 as a conference for students and young adults to engage with the gospel and with a world that doesn't know Jesus Christ. The goal was to create a conference that would encourage, lead, and equip senior high students, college students, and young adults to engage their world with the gospel. We wanted to ask the question, "How does God want to use you in the grand story of what He is doing in the world?"

We chose the title "GO Conference" because that's what we're about at Southeastern—going. We want to GO to the hard places where Jesus is not yet known. We want to GO to our neighbors and to the nations with the gospel. We want to GO to our classrooms, offices, and dinner tables with the saving message of Jesus Christ. The Christian faith is active and we want to GO as God leads and calls us to follow Him.

There are many ways to GO. There are many ways to impact your spheres of influence for Christ. The question is: How will you GO?